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03-02-2008, 10:12 AM
I've had this 6mm Rem for a while now. It's about time I start doing something with it. I plan on using lighter bullets.. for those of you which have these, what is your favorite powder? I'll take complete load data if you want to share.

03-02-2008, 11:36 AM
I have had good luck with H4350 with bullets from 80 to 95 grains.

03-02-2008, 05:35 PM
W760 I shoot 55 and 70 grain bullets. I don't shoot benchrest competitions.

Just Mike
03-02-2008, 07:29 PM
I had one that shot very well with IMR4895 and Sierra 85GR

03-07-2008, 07:47 PM
My 6mm likes H1000 and Berger 68 gr HPs or 100 gr Hornadys.

david dumas
03-07-2008, 08:15 PM
AVG, mine likes 55 gr blitzkings with 40.5 grs of H4895 can't find chrony data but it's bad fast!!! or 85 gr HPBT GameKing # 1530 over 48.5 grs of H4831sc (3200 ft/sec)

03-08-2008, 05:22 PM
I shot Rem 700's and customs.

One of my all time favorite loads was 49.5-50.0g of Win 760 with a Win case, Fed 210, and a Sierra 60g HP at 3950-4000 fps shooting 3/8" groups (seat bullets out to kiss the lands if possible).

The second load that I shot a lot of was with the Sierra 80g kissing lands, Win case, Fed 210, 42.0g of IMR 4064 at 3500 fps, work up to this load, start off at 40.0g and go up. This is a great 500 yard load!

I killed a lot of coyotes with both of these loads.

If you want a regular run of the mill load, then the Sierra 85g BTHP kissing the lands, Win case, Fed 210, 38.5g of H 4895 shoots very tiny groups in my rifles at 3150 fps.

03-09-2008, 04:09 PM
How light? I load from the 55 gr Noslers all the way up to 107 SMK (with different twist in a 6mm Rem). I remember a discussion when I first joined that asked us not to share specific load data because of the liability concern. I will adhere to that request. However, the Hodgdon website has a pretty good starting and max. load data tables for may powders and bullets.

Personal favorites for light bullets:

55 gr Nosler BT with Varget or IMR 4895
75 gr Vmax with IMR 4831 :) (excellent accuracy in my 1:12 twist Shilen)
70 gr SMK with IMR 4831

The 75 gr VMax over a stiff load of IMR 4831 running at 3550 fps is my go to coyote load. Very consistant performance.

luck, tiny