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02-26-2008, 06:17 PM
This new group looks very interesting, so I spent a little time searcing the web to learn more and I came away with a lot more questions. Your assistance and patience is appreciated:

a. The "match" rifles that I came across shoot at 550-650 fps and are designed to shoot a 10M course I believe. We are establishing a BR course of 25Yds. which for Air Rifle, AR, appears long range shooting. correct?

b. a .177 pellet traveling at 550-650fps will probably not be able to retain the same level of accuracy over 25 yds., so a .20 pellet+ would appear more appropriate outdoors over 25yds?

c. There are very few BR AR made by anyone other than Anschutz that I could find. Walters appears to make an addapter. Correct?

d. There are match AR that over a 10yd course appear more accurate than .22LR, with a consistent accuracy rated by the factory of .04", Wow!

e. Since several folks are interested in getting into AR BR it would be nice if we could arrange a Group Buy at a discount.

f. I like the idea of being able to buy these Rifles over the internet without an FFL. Turner's Outdoorsmen, just raised their FFL fee as of 1/1/08 to $125 per transaction. With all the new laws, I was begining to feel like I am a criminal for wanting to shoot a .22LR. The lack of restrictions on AR is refreshing and pleasant.

g. I watched some You-Tude videos of people shooting AR. There appeared to be no noise at all, and the videos showed impressive accuracy. looks like fun. Are the .20 + also as quiet as the .177?

h. Seems like eye protection is required/ recommended when shooting AR. That is ok with me, but I was wondering why? There are no shells that are ejected so what is the eye protection protecting us from?

i. I notice that the rules allow all size pellets. That doesn't seem appropriate to me. It is the same as shooting a .22lr against a .177 hmr. Since there is a significant difference in velocity there is a significant difference in the way the wind effects each load. making everyone shoot .177 at between 550-650fps seems to level the playing field, or just make this a .22 at 1000+ fps federation. There aren't enough participants to have three seperate classes of shooters, and the three classes are not equal at 25 yds. I know a little knowledge is dangerous!.

Thanks in advance for your comments and responses.


02-26-2008, 06:50 PM
1. Match guns are quite capable at 25yds but wind is a factor. They are not shooting against the other classes, just others of like kind so it is fair. The rules limit match power and the larger calibers will be shooting much slower and all holes will be pluged at 22cal size.
2. See #1. The 20 is heavier and will travel slower when limited to 7fpe.
3. Because there is no recoil, a purpose built stock is not required. Any match gun with an accesory rail can be fitted with a flat plate.
4. Yep, and the FT crowd make better guns than that.
5. There isn't enough profit in selling airguns to get any discount.
6. ??
7. Silencers are semi legal for airguns..they are supposed to be permanently attached. They can be effective on all calibers but the more power, the more noise.
8. When shooting at short ranges..10M and less, there is a chance of back splash from target impact.
9. See #1 The classes do not shoot against eachother. We are hopeing for enough shooters to contest all the classes.

02-27-2008, 09:37 AM
By using the stepped plugs that I have machined and will be sending to the Match directors , all the cal pellet's will be scored with a 0.224 inch footprint.

I personally believe that most people will be shooting .177cal rifles unless they already have a .20cal or a .22cal in their possession.