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02-19-2008, 10:13 PM
I'm in the process of building my first 20 caliber. After some consternation, (granted with limited resources) I've decided on using a short PPC case with somewhat less capacity than the 204 ruger round. I've already ordered enough dies to resize a 220 russian case to a 17 HMR but I haven't gone about the process of having them shortened yet - more on that later. Right now, I'm trying to determine just how short to go... Accuracy is more important than 4000fps. I hope to get 3500 to 3600 fps with a 40 grain pellet - but my another concern is informal shooting against my pop's 6ppc at the bench with rifle that is primarily a varmint rifle. I'm aware of the recently late Max Comb's work with the 20 pup (0.175" short), and I've read of some other's work with the necked down Waldog case - both cases have had some limited success in BR competition. I'm leaning heavily toward the PUP, but wanted to see if you guys had some experiences that might correct or confirm my thinking.

Thanks to all...jeff.

Waylan Kisor
02-20-2008, 10:18 AM
you aint gonna beat pop with that little pipsqueak. BTW this is "pop" talking. Trying to sneak around behind my back??? See ya Friday...Be safe>>

02-20-2008, 01:24 PM
I'd say use the .220 case as is and neck down to .20 cal... Pretty much same capacity as .100 short ppc and not all the case prep....:mad:

The .20's are capable.... But in my experience, they are more touchy in the wind. Though on the other hand, the very light recoil will keep the gun much more stable in the bags I.E. return to battery faster with less disruption.
Faster shooting to finish a condition before a change....
They are capable...

Too bad J4 will not sell jackets (yet....). But the 35gr Bergers are solid in a 1-12. 40's may require at least a 11 or 10 twist.

My PacNor in 20-222 3 groove 12 twist will shoot my 42gr Rebate BT (pulled down off .22 640 length jackets) into bugholes... This bullet die has a long ogive. If it were a longer bearing surface and not a BT, a 42gr FB prob wouldn't shoot to good in a 12 twist...?


02-21-2008, 12:38 AM
you aint gonna beat pop with that little pipsqueak. BTW this is "pop" talking. Trying to sneak around behind my back??? See ya Friday...Be safe>>

Since my father has taken this challenge "public", I must beg the indulgence of the forum... Be assured it'll all be settled at the range and the subsequent bragging session between shots of Bushmills and good cigars...

Pop, there are four things you fail to recognize.

1. I didn't teach you everything I know about shooting before I deterred you from the golf-evil you were pursuing before I converted you. I can still pull the trigger at the right time.

2. While I have certainly been distracted during the past year or so from the pursuit of small groups by my latest (and mostly unsuccessful) interest in shooting high percentages at sporting clays, I have not forgotten how to pull the trigger on a rifle.

3. 30 or so years ago when Mr Pindell and Dr Palmisano designed the PPC cartridge, those shooting the triple duece claimed "a lot of wildcats had come and gone" but the .222 still ruled... You should ackowledge that the pursuit of the ultimate round (which may well be the .20 on a PPC case) will produce the next "baby" of the benchrest crowd... Sooner or later the PPC will be upstaged and face it, they're a fickle bunch... show them a better mousetrap and they'll have it in the supershoot before you can say "what's a Waldog" - gotta love their practical approach....

4. I will most assuredly pass your comments on to my 'smith, who is somewhat excited about the opportunity to build my little jewel... I only hope it generates the same rebellious initiative.

I'll be safe - see you Friday. JK.

02-21-2008, 11:48 AM
I believe I read elsewhere that PTG already has reamer prints for the 20 cal version of the Beggs cartridge in both tight neck and no-turn. Might be a place to start, with a Bushing neck die available from Gene.