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02-18-2008, 01:07 PM
i bought a rifle off a buddy who use to shoot competitive benchrest. along the way he picked up a rem 40x rifle and decided to rebarrel and rechamber for 220 russian (his line of thinking was he had lots of brass for his ppc so he could simply load and shoot ). all the smithing was done by speedy in texas but he never fired a round thru it .i figure i got a shooter but my question is this. i have'nt seen much data on the 220r as to its performance i would like to make this a varmint gun .should i rechamber to another cartridge ie ;22-250ai,220 swift etc or should i leave it as is .

02-18-2008, 03:51 PM
Leave it alone and shoot it. I've had dozens of 22-250's and if I had to make the choice it'd require no thought at all. The 220 Russ round is better than the 22-250 IMO.


Dick Grosbier
02-19-2008, 11:06 PM
Why on earth would you even think about rechambering it without even giving it a try. The 220 Russian is a benchrest round and should be deadly accurate to 300 yards at least and should not be a barrel burner like a 22-250. Just get yourself some Lapua 220 Russian Brass you will probably have to neck turn it use 22PPC loading data and and start out at the low end and carefully work your way up on the powder, you should be pleasantly surprised.

Edwin D
02-19-2008, 11:14 PM

I am MORE than pleased with my 220 Russians, no neck turn.

They SHOOT, AND with authority.

02-20-2008, 06:56 PM
thanks to all for the info i'm really good at screwing up a perfectly good thing i am going to take heed to everyones advice and leave it as is. the gun has a.262 neck so i'll have to neck turn brass anyway ( which i enjoy doing i'm easily amused )thanks for the tips on starting load data


02-20-2008, 07:02 PM
If it has a 0.262 neck I'd doubt that it is a 220 Russian that needs neck turning.

0.262 is a common 6mm PPC neck diameter.

I believe 220 Russian with a 0.224 bullet seated will mike about 0.255 or so with no neck turning at all.

I think you need to double check what you have, unless the 0.262 was a typo ??


02-20-2008, 08:28 PM
now ya got me worried that neck size sticks in my head .the guns at my smiths shop for a bolt stop adjustment have'nt looked at it for awhile. speedy
always stamps neck dia i am going out tommorow to ck . probably just mistaken had ppc on the brain .previous owner was big on tight neck guns i am certain it was chambered for the 220r...

02-25-2008, 07:18 PM
brain typo .242 neck...........

02-25-2008, 10:58 PM
that's interesting info.
you seem to kinda indicate that this case lengthening is inherent with this chambering? i am hoping to get a chance to pick up some lapua brass and dies in the next couple of weeks. i was planning on neck turning down to 8k on my wall thickness leaving 2k for expansion does this seem about right to you (assuming i did the math correctly)


02-26-2008, 07:30 AM
Judging by the interest in the 220 Beggs, a lot of us will be shooting it in competition this season.
I'm about to start, having just got my dies from Gene.
You are obviously a few steps ahead - would you care to share your load data?
Vince (UK)