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02-16-2008, 12:34 PM
I purchased a new non-inletted Bruno/McMillan benchrest stock...
After preparing some paded jaws for the milling machine, I am finding the bottom of the stock and the top are not parallel..:confused:
I can use the bottom surface under the forearm as a side to side level, and using a support at the toe I can adjust the end to end...and do the action inletting..:rolleyes:
But when I turn it over to do the trigger guard and action screws, therein is where I run into problems leveling the stock side to side...these socks do not have vertical parrallel sides on the forearm, and are not very parrallel from top to bottom when measure at oposing points on the left and right sides...
What methods are the best to setup a stock for getting the action screw holes straight and true...???

02-16-2008, 12:53 PM
Good questions. This is why I spent a good bit of time leveling my mill first. I use a machinist level and do the best I can balancing with clay. I hope you get some good advise, my way is rather slow.

02-16-2008, 01:06 PM

When I inletted my MBR, like you, I used the top sides of the barrel channel to dial in the stock, the top of my stock was surprisingly parallel with the bottom. After dialing in the stock I placed the barreled action in it and dry fitted it for bedding, dialing in the top side of my barrel (it's a 1.250" straight, no taper) I wrapped masking tape around the barrel in two points until it was as close to zero as I could get. If I had to inlet the trigger guard portion I would let the top sides of my barrel channel bottom out in the bottom of my vise and dictate how the stock rides in the vise, if the bottom of my vise was at .0000". That’s just my .02 worth. Good luck.


02-16-2008, 01:38 PM
As in level when you shoot the rifle, which is the flat forearm bottom. I'd want the action level and square to my front rest which I'd make level to the earth before shooting.

If the top of the stock or the area around the trigger guard is out a bit it will only affect looks.

Once you have the stock set up in your vise cut the action inlet, the trigger mortise and guard screw holes all at once without moving your set up. (and as much of the barrel channel as you have table travel for) Then re-position the stock and pick up and cut the rest of the barrel channel. Finally, turn the stock over and pick up the trigger guard mortise from the screw holes.

And you have to hope the toe of the stock is pretty much in line with the front end.

(I hope I read your question right!)