View Full Version : 1000yd Shooter HAS Passed Away Sad But True

02-14-2008, 02:08 PM
Folks I just got off the phone with Bill Shehane, and, he informed me that our
friend and fellow 1000yd shooter TOM CATES of the Mooresville, NC area has
passed away. TOM was a good Man. Loved nothing better than "trigger time"
to pass the hours. A dedicated Varmint hunter also. TOM was also a retired
MARINE, from the days of the "Leather Necks". Everytime you saw TOM he had
his MARINE emblazoned hat on, of which he was a proud Veteran that loved
his Country! Those who knew him are all the richer for being able to call him

Bill Shehane told me that he had sold a scope to one of TOM's friends, and Bill asked if he could get TOM to come and meet that day. Bill's grand children
were playing ball in Mooresville and it would be great to see TOM. They talked
for a good hour Bill said. Little did he know that was the last time that he was
to talk to TOM. TOM never quite recovered from an automobile accident that
he was involved in. He now is at rest with the LORD. I'm sure he will be asking
which way is "The Range?"

We are Deminished

Harley Dave Bowles

Dave Tooley
02-14-2008, 04:01 PM
I hate to hear that. Tom was always entertaining to be around. He was a crusty old Marine all the way through. Served in Korea. Damn near froze to death there. I will always remember he and Tom Goodman, both deaf as a post, trying helping each other on the line at Hawks Ridge. It was a sight to see.

He'll be missed.


02-15-2008, 12:55 PM
Funeral Service will be at Cavin-Cook Funeral Home Chapel on 16 Feb. @ 2 PM.
This is in Mooresville, NC on the 150 Bypass East of I-77 about 2 miles on the
right before the railroad tracks. He will be missed. GOD's SPEED TOM!!!!

Harley Dave Bowles