View Full Version : What reticle for F-class?

02-13-2008, 08:13 PM
I would like to get a nightforce 12-42 BR scope. But what reticle? NP-R2? Do I need to have reticle that I can range with or just fine crosshairs? Oh yea, all you with varible power scopes, do you really need that? Because I would like to buy a cheaper scope than a $1300 nightforce. Weaver t-36?

02-14-2008, 09:28 AM
I'm in the same boat, and ultimately decided that the NP-R2 would work, but was not optimal for holding off in windy conditions because of the 5 MOA distance between stadia line on the horizontal cross hair.

That having been said. the first question you need to ask is whether you hold off for wind or dial everything on the scope. If you dial wind by changing the scope setting every time, then a simple uncluttered target dot is probably fine. If you hold off, then I think a reticle with horizontal hashmarks is critical to doing so consistently.

I greatly prefer the NP-R1 reticle (1 MOA on teh vertical and 2 MOA on the horizontal), but it is only being offered currently in the NSX scopes (1/4 MOA adjustments), not the BR scopes (1/8 MOA adjustments).

I talked with nightforce at SHOT about putting the NP-R1 in the BR scopes and they said "Maybe" if there is sufficient demand for the reticle in the NSX scopes they will eventually offer it in the BR scopes. I mentioned they may get more demand for the reticle if they updated their site to include the NP-R1 in the descriptions of offered reticles (I have the NP-R1 in my 5.5-22x50 NSX and have owned it for over a year - give me a break!!!).

your milage may vary.


02-14-2008, 11:52 AM
Guys, for $100+ you can have one of the ch retiles installed in you br scopes. It's always surprised me that the target reticles are only offered "stock" in their tactical scopes. go figure? I bought a new NSX with the CH3 in it. If it works for me this season, I'm going to send my br to have the CH3 put in it or just sell it and order one that way from the get go. It has the NP-R2 in it now, but it's a little busy for my taste.

02-14-2008, 08:05 PM
I hold off for windage so prefer the picket fence reticles like the NP-RR1 and MP8. However, not interested in spending that much for a scope so I have been using the mil dot reticle. Not perfect but works.

I am waiting for the new Elite 6500 and/or Sightron SIII 30mm scopes. They should offer good optics and lots of features that are useful for F class.

Only downside is that neither has 1/8min clicks.

They are substantially less money then Nightforce. We shall see how they perform.