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Larry M
02-10-2008, 09:53 AM
A friend of mine has bought a Cooper in 204 be does not reload. He has offered to buy the tools and components to let me load for him. I haven't had any trouble finding load data. But I haven't heard anyone talking about what dies are a good fit for their chamber. I think the rifle in question is a model 21 Phoenix.

02-10-2008, 11:31 AM
Sounds like a visit to 204Ruger.com (http://204ruger.com) may be in order here. ;)

I use Hornady new dimension dies and Redding standard neck die. I am about to buy a Redding bushing die


02-10-2008, 11:41 AM
Larry: I have 4 sets of dies for my 4 Rifles in caliber 204 Ruger. 3 of the die sets are Redding and the 4th is made by RCBS.
All 4 die sets make very straight ammunition according to my NECO Bullet Comparator Gauge.
I don't know how the finished bullets "fit the chamber" but accuracy is real fine in all 4 of my 204's.
I am happy with the product from all my die sets.
For instance I remember using the Redding die set last time I loaded 204 Ruger ammo - then I ran the finished product (loaded rounds) on my Neco Bullet Comparator. The reults were all bullets had .003" runout or less.
And again I realized fine accuracy with these bullets.
Over the last 15 - 18 years I have been leaning towards the Redding die sets for my new Rifles but the RCBS dies are performing right up there with them nowadays - as far as straightness of the finished product is concerned anyways.
I recently bought a Redding Neck Die in caliber 204 Ruger but have not put it to use yet.
I will let you know how it performs later this winter.
I saw Redding dies in 204 Ruger caliber at the Shedhorn Sports Shop (in Ennis, Montana) 2 days ago for $44.95! I saw the same dies at Sportsmans Warehouse for $31.95 a couple weeks ago.
After a coin toss I am going to suggest you try the Redding dies as they come with an extra de-capping pin and an allen wrench right in the die set itself.
Best of luck with the 204 Ruger reloading.
I have been blessed to have easily optained excellent accuracy from all 4 of my 204's (Remington 700 VLS, Remington XR-100, Ruger 77 V/T, Ruger #1-VSS) so I am pretty confident you can get these type results yourself.
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