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02-10-2008, 06:58 AM
ARA, RBA, IR50/50, IBS, WRB Scoring Programs.

I have had a couple of emails and calls on how my scoring programs handle Relays and Benches. They all work pretty much the same.
The concept that most scorers use for relays is 3 digits with the first number being the relay.
First relay is the bench they draw plus 100
So bench 101 102 etc
Second Relay is the bench they draw plus 200 etc.
So Bench 201 203 etc
The concept behind my scoring programs is that the Bench/Competitor number never changes for the whole match even if it is a two or three day match.
For State, Regional & Nationals where there is rotation the first bench a shooter draws now becomes their competitor number for the whole match:
Rotation is usually a set number of benches so if rotation is 5 benches then shooter who draws bench 5 (105) will move to bench 10 for his next target etc.
Most large matches with rotation will publish a matrix for those who can not remember or count.
I designed the scoring programs so they will handle at least 150 Shooters and their Equipment
If the above does not make sense Email or PM me your telephone number and I will give you a call and walk you through it.