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02-02-2008, 04:54 PM
My friends:

Congratulations DJ Hepler on your 2008 IR-50, Indoor, Yards, Sporter National Championship.

Congratulations Danny Hepler on your 2008 IR-50, Indoor, Yards 10 1/2 National Championship.

Congratulations Ken Fulghum on your 2008 IR-50, Indoor, Yards 13 1/2 National Championship.

Congratulations Alvis Beach on your 2008 IR-50, Indoor, Yards Two Gun National Championship.

And finally I would like to personally Congratulate DJ Hepler for your 2008 IR-50, Indoor Yards Three Gun National Championship with a simply outstanding 750 score...

Congrats to the other folks for their fine shooting....Your friend, Bill Calfee

Kent Owens
02-02-2008, 09:13 PM
Congrats to all you guys for the wins! DJ, congrats on the 750 in the 3-gun format. I know you've been on the verge of a 750 several times while shooting outdoors just to miss by a few thousandths of an inch. Congrats on finally getting it done. It was overdue. The toughest part is shooting the 250 with the sporter! For what its' worth, I think it's probably tougher yet indoors in the barn. Glad to see you do it!

02-02-2008, 10:32 PM
Top 5 plus 250's

Sporter: DJ Hepler 250-18
Jerry Washam 249-15x
Craig Young 24915x
Jeff Braun 249-14x
Larry Cook 248-15x

10.5: Danny Hepler 250-21x
Alvis Beach 250-18x
Tommy Mason 250-18x
DJ Hepler 250-16x
Ken Fulghum 250-15x
Cliff Keesee 250-14x
Jim Pepper 250-14x
Jeff Braun 250-13x

13.5 Ken Fulghum 250-18x
Truman Webber 250-17x
Mike Bryan 250-16x
Alvis Beach 250-15x
DJ Hepler 250-14x
Phil Deese 250-10x

2-Gun Alvis Beach 500-33x
Ken Fulghum 500-33x
DJ Hepler 500-30x
Truman Webber 499-35x
Tommy Mason 499-34x

3-Gun DJ Hepler 750-48x
Ken Fulghum 747-44x
Jeff Braun 747-41x
Craig Young 746-51x
Jerry Washam 746-43x

Good Shooting

Jeff Braun

02-02-2008, 11:03 PM
Good shooting to all Dj. you are the man!! congrats to all.

02-03-2008, 09:03 PM
Meters winners, Top 5, plus 250's

sporter: Bob Collins 249-17x
Larry Cook 248-16x
DJ Hepler 248-16x
David Kenimer 248-9x
Danny Hepler 247-12x

10.5 Wilbur Harris 250-18x
William Poff 250-18x
Alvis Beach 250-17x
Danny Hepler 250-16x
Truman Webber 250-16x
Ken Fulghum 250-14x
Bob Collins 250-14x
Greg Davis 25013x

13.5 Ken Fulghum 250-19x
Truman Webber 250-17x
David Kenimer 250-15x
William Poff 250-15x
Gary Lemons 249-18x

2-Gun William Poff 500-33x
Meter Truman Webber 500-33x
Ken Fulghum 500-33x
Danny Hepler 499-32x
David Kenimer 499-29x

3-Gun Bob Collins 747-45
William Poff 747-43
David Kenimer 747-38x
Danny Hepler 746-44
Jim Pepper 744-36x

4-Gun Ken Fulghum 1000-66x
Truman Webber 999-68x
Alvis Beach 998-65x
Danny Hepler 997-68x
William Poff 996-66x

6-Gun DJ Hepler 1493-91x
Danny Hepler 1491-90x
William Poff 1490-89x
Ken Fulghum 1490-86x
Jim Pepper 1489-79x
Jeff Braun 1488-82x
Larry Cook 1488-78x
Truman Webber 1487-94x
Bob Collins 1487-82x
Greg Davis 1487-75x
David Kenimer 1485-77x

hg shelton
02-04-2008, 07:47 AM
Congrats to all the winners, good shootin guys. Would also like to congratulate my shootin buddy's Greg Davis and Tommy Mason on their fine showing and first 250's!!!!!!! Looks like I may be looking at a long season at Bull's Eye this year.