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02-02-2008, 02:04 PM
hello, first time poster........i asked over on rimfirecentral but i thought i would ask here as well......i've got a rem. 541-t HB which is hard to re-cock after it is fired?.....i took the bolt apart to inspect and clean and found the first thread on the end cap is "broken".....i looked for a tap and die to chase the thread's but can't find the diameter or thread pitch of it......also, when i put the end cap back on it goes easy until it reaches the point were the bolt handle is welded on to the bolt body?......is it supposed to be that way?.....just looking for someone else that has this bolt to see if there's does the same thing during re-assembly.....cycling the gun work's just fine as does the extraction...it's only when i lift the handle after it is fired......i have to take it off the rest to cycle?.......any help would be great......thank's

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02-04-2008, 09:57 AM
The best thing you could do is try to find another 541 or 581 to compare yours to so you will know if yours is really excessively hard to cock. It is hard to tell what is a hard bolt lift from your description, perhaps what you are feeling is normal. The 541 has multiple locking lugs and about a 50 degree bolt lift which means that there is not much camming power to your bolt.

Is the bolt easy to lift if the rifle has not been fired? If so what you are feeling is the resistance of the firing pin spring being compressed.

Have you lubed the lugs? Perhaps they are extremely dry and area causing excessive drag.

Have you lubed your bolt handle/actioin at the cocking cam surfaces? This will contribute to a smoother operation.

I suspect what you are feeling is the normal resistance of a short throw bolt and the compression of the firing pin spring. Try the tips above and see if they help.