View Full Version : Piney Hill ARA tournament

Bill Myers
01-31-2008, 07:29 PM
Piney Hill Benchrest Will be hosting a ARA 2 day,6 target each day tournament on March 8 & 9th.We will be shooting 3 relays on 18 benches,This will limit it to 54 shooter,of which 6 can be lefthand shooters,If you are going to attend,I need for you to call or email me ,So i can put you on a list,once i have the 54 shooters i will take extra names in case some one drops out.The weather usually starts to break here in march,Right now,its nasty,Freezing rain & sleet,Email zzmyers@comcast.net Phone 540 778 1782.One event is a Club championship & the other is the Va state... BILL