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01-30-2008, 04:25 PM
send me pm. i have an ffl. thanks ron

01-31-2008, 11:26 PM
Ron In Flag: I am enclosing a link to Kesselrings Gun Shop in NW Washington state. They had a REALLY nice Remington 700 Sendero in 270 Winchester on their shelf about 1 month ago. In case you might be interested in a 270 Sendero.
I have one myself and am just thrilled with it and its accuracy!
I have used this Rifle for several Antelope and Deer (both Mule Deer and Whitetailed Deer) seasons now. I have also killed one Elk with it.
I have taken Antelope out to 506 yards (Leica laser ranged) and three Mule Deer past 400 yards with it so far.
To tell the truth I am not sure I have ever seen a Sendero in 30/06?
Good luck in your search for one and Kesslerings may just have one - they have a web site and maybe you can search there?

Kesselrings: http://www.kesselrings.com/

Hold into the wind

02-01-2008, 12:34 AM
I don't think Remington made Sendero in 3006, in fact I never saw a heavy barrel Remington in 3006.

02-01-2008, 12:39 AM
Why not go with the 300 win, in heavier gun recoil isn't too bad. It adds
100 yds onto the end of 06. If you want to go other way I think they made it in 264 win also.

02-01-2008, 01:23 AM
my recollection is they made the 30-06 in sendero around 1995. on longrangehunting i got the same reply that remington never made it in 30-06 a quick call to remington in the morning will confirm. i have seen the 270 and 25-06 currently for sale on some forums . no 30-06 so maybe they did not make them in 30-06. i do have a 300 win sendero( 2) they both have muzzle brakes; and are very accurate. the brakes are not allowed in the matches i shoot at 500 yards. my plan was to shoot the 30-06 and then rebarrel to 6.5-06. i will check on the 270 . thanks for your replies. roninflag

02-01-2008, 08:05 AM
Yes, they made the blued Sendero in 30-06. I had one for a while but sold it several years back.:D