View Full Version : Some thoughts after having a match

01-29-2008, 09:37 AM
First off I want to thank everyone that has been involved at this point in our shooting endeavor. It's a challenging sport and everyone can see from the scores that I designed the target such that the number of 250-25X shot look to be manageable for the near term.
Certainly the guys that shot Saturday got a chance to see the effects of the wind on the little pellets. Guys that shoot indoors are in for a real eye opener.

Also, I want to give you guys a little bit of the background and thinking on why the classes were set up as they are. I certainly hope to make as many people happy as possible with different classes and such but want to keep the details and management of running a match simple enough not to kill the match director. If you have never run a match you can't believe how difficult it is to run a match and also shoot. With that said. My hats off to you Don. Great Job.

It would be easy to set up 9 different classes. I did not do that in the beginning. The main reason that I did not include a springer class is the simple fact that after a half dozen matches, almost everyone will realize that those rifles are a pain in the tail to shoot from the bench. Now I'm not saying that they will not shoot because they will and many folks enjoy shooting them. They are certainly less expensive than the pre-charged rifles.

I also see the advantage of the 22 cal rifles as far as pellet diameter is concerned. My intention is certainly not for everyone to ditch their 0.177 cal and build a souped up 22cal. . Prehaps it would be better if we required everyone to shoot 0.177 cal. but at this early stage of the game I don't want to turn away the guy that already has a 22 cal rifle and wants to come to a match.

I realize that shooting iron sights is very, very difficult. It would be much better if all the scoring rings were all black. I orginially had them all black but it makes it much harder to score x's in the scoped matches. About the only folks that are going to want to shoot the iron sight class is the kids from the JrROTC units that have match rifles. It is not feasible to have two different targets.

My recommendation is for everyone that does not already have a air rifle that is interested in shooting should be looking at 0.177 cal rifles. There's a much greater number of models available and pellets are manufactured by a host of companies.

To each and every competitior: Please continue to share your views and remember, this is a work in progress. We certainly have the ablility to change the rules if it is warranted but please remember, The simplier the rules the simplier the game. Look at each issue from the standpoint of making the game easier to manage, shoot and enjoy by the largest number of shooters.

Ron Lewis