View Full Version : Savage Anschutz Rebarrel Or Start Over

01-20-2008, 11:29 AM
I have an older Savage Anschutz (not sure of model as the moment) that looks to have what is a 64 action. The trigger has been worked down to about 4 oz and I am happy with the stock I have, but the barrel is gone (large pit marks, chips in rifling and some major wear).

I have looked at a few barrel makers and even visited ones shop this week and am still debating what to do. Some say go for it, and other say start over.

Where I shot we must use sporter barrels and it will probably have to be crome-moly, SS barrels are not looked at kindly where I shoot and there will probably be rules againts it in the near future. Most of the shooters use factory guns that have been modified with lighter triggers, bedding, and such.

I currently shoot a Anschutz 1712 & 1422 with excellent results, but hate to have this Savage Anschutz that is setup for what I need it to be, but just needs a barrel.

From what I have researched its going to put me back $500-600 to get a new barrel in the sporter contour and have it mounted. Just not sure if that money would be better spent in one of my other rifles or even into a new rifle.

Whats been your personal experiences with rebarreled sporter contours?

big ted
01-26-2008, 04:46 AM
start over 64 action ia not a good one to use just my2c