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01-15-2008, 02:32 PM
Contrary to all the heated arguments going on other threads. All that stops at the range. There are a fine bunch of shooters that love their sport and will try very hard to help you.

Do not for a second believe that these arguments are conducted at a match. If you have been thinking about going to a rifle match, by all means go. If you are wanting to shoot and there is an ARA, IR 50/50, or RBA match please go - you will have a great time.

Rifles and Ammo don't know which kind of target they are shooting and they can all be very enjoyable. Don't judge the sport by politics seen in this forum. Its winter time and politics of the game are about the only things going on right now.

Come out and shoot!

Wes King

01-15-2008, 05:34 PM
I'll second that!

01-15-2008, 05:43 PM
New member, very long time reader. I plan to attend a ARA match this year. Do I need to be a member of the ARA or the club? CCLFN, I don't take it as "HEATED ARUGMENTS" but as CABIN FEVER.:D

01-15-2008, 06:16 PM
No, just show up, pay your fees, sign up and you're ready. At least that's the general rule.

01-15-2008, 07:38 PM
New member, very long time reader. I plan to attend a ARA match this year. Do I need to be a member of the ARA or the club? CCLFN, I don't take it as "HEATED ARUGMENTS" but as CABIN FEVER.:D
Call the MD if you can. They usually have extra gear that you can use to have a good time on your first go. Few of us (I don't know of any) had all the basics on their first go.

I'd also recommend you go and shoot. It's a participant game, and ain't much of a spectator sport.

Best luck and hope you enjoy it,

01-16-2008, 11:00 AM
New shooters and old timers... rimfire benchrest shooting is one of the greatest shooting sports on God's green earth!

Do not let the RBA controversy hinder your desire to begin or continue shooting in this terrific sport. This is a wonderful activity that the whole family can participate in and enjoy. I began shooting four years ago after running into two old farts (oops sorry Bob and Jim) who were shooting "strange" looking .22 rifles at our range. They invited me to try their rifles and informed me that the club would be having an orientation and practice match soon. My wife and I attended that orientation/practice match and fell in love with rimfire benchrest shooting. I would be shooting 24/7 if my wife would let me!

Get involved, you will meet some fantastic people who will help you learn, encourage you and become lifetime friends.

The RBA issue is an internal problem that is not so much about what was done, but how it was accomplished.

Our club has withdrawn from RBA and is seeking sanctioning from USRA-IR5050. Not be surprised if a couple more clubs on the West Coast pull out of RBA. DO NOT LET ALL THIS TURMOIL DISCOURAGE you from participating in rimfire benchrest shooting!!!!!!!

If RBA was the only game in town we would continue shooting it, controversy or not. However, there are other venues available: USRA-IR5050, USBR and ARA.

Get involved, go to a match in your area whether it is run by RBA, USRA-IR5050, USBR or ARA. You don't have to be member of any of these organizations to shoot. Simply pay your entry fee, squeeze your trigger and have FUN!

Paul Steinman
Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club
Olympia, WA

01-16-2008, 06:44 PM
New shooters are always welcomed at almost every range where benchrest matches are held. You can bring along your favorite .22 or just show up and ask questions! The main thing is to "just do it". Things will progress from there. In all probability, you will get plenty of info and a chance to shoot with your own rifle as well as one of the somewhat more specialized benchrest guns. Remember that it is not just the "hardware" but also correct technique and ability to use the wind conditions to your advantage --you can get started with only a small cash outlay(contrary to what some might tell you). Later, as you discover what can be done and how the equipment fits in, you will likely get more involved in this captivating game. The sponsoring body doesn't matter -- what does matter is learning the basics of rimfire benchrest shooting, enjoying the comraderie and looking forward to the next day on the range! Bob Vail

01-16-2008, 11:46 PM
I only started shooting rimfire benchrest this past year. Many thanks to Bob, Paul, Wes, and many others for loaning me equipment, teaching me how to read wind flags, helping me getting started, and generally having the time of my life. Anybody who wants to shoot this sport can, just get out and see for yourself. Any venue, any discipline, any time. See you at the range.


01-17-2008, 05:21 AM
I got interested in rimfire benchrest a few years ago, gathered gear and shot one match. Then circumstances dictated a change and I put it aside. Now I am back and hoping to begin in earnest next season. There is not a lot of shooting close to me (south Alabama) but I am going to shoot where I can when the season gets going again. Just wanted to say thanks to Fiddler for his help and I look forward to meeting some of you folks soon.