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Aussie steve
01-14-2008, 08:40 AM
Hi all, I have decided to purchase in the near future a PacNor stainless steel .17 cal barrel for use in a .17 rem. I am going to have the barrel 26" long and with a faster than normal twist 1-9 or so that will allow me to use 25 grain V maxs. PacNor offers different grooves in .17 cal and I was thinking of going with a three groove one, firstly to try and extend the life of the barrel by having more surface area on the lands so maybe errosion can be kept at bay for a little longer. Secondly with only three grooves I was hopeing to perhaps cut down on fouling.
Has anyone had a three groove pacnor in .17 cal? I did a search hear for three groove barrels and they seem to be mainly used with the 6mm's. Another thing was one post claimed that the three groove barrel was starting to get a little worn and it started tearing up bullets, is this common with the three groove numbers?
Any help/ idears would be apreciated

01-14-2008, 11:42 AM
Can't help you Steve on a .17 cal, don't have one...
I do have a Pacnor .20 3-groove (all that is offered now in a .20 from Pacnor) that is flat out wonderful.
This barrel is pre-chambered from Pacnor for a Savage 12 and checks out REAL well as far as strait and chatter free chamber etc...
Chambered in 20-222 and it shoots! 3900+ vel and Ohh 20-30 rds between cleaning ... No copper... NONE.:)

Right now I have put 750rds in this tube. Just yesterday I was at the range with this rifle and shot two 3 shot groups and a 10 shot group.
3 shot groups went >.189, .310, .392. 10 shot group went .608 and really one shot I missed a 90 deg reverse:rolleyes: and pooped out a shot... for 9 they went about a low .500 ..... I'm gonna buy another.!

As far as "worn" barrel damageing bullets.... I'm not sure, mostly I'd think that would be due to an irregular worn throat damaging the jackets..?
i wouldn't worry about it cause before the throat gets that bad, the accuracy would REALLY fall off.

These are great barrels that Chris offers and have a beautifully lapped bore that can be directly compared to any other high-end barrel maker.
I'd recommend the SSSM Stainless Steel Super Match from them, especially with the little bores.

Aussie steve
01-15-2008, 05:38 AM
Thanks Cale, for the info might just have to get me one of them