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01-13-2008, 02:46 PM
Will a Stevens 200 accept an accu-trigger or is machine work required to make it fit?

Thanks in advance - Drover

01-13-2008, 03:18 PM
No it will not but the Sav1 or Sav2 by Rifle Basix or SSS triggers will.

lefty o
01-14-2008, 12:05 AM
the sharp shooters trigger is what you want. the craputrigger is a flawed design anyways- you dont want it.

01-14-2008, 12:24 AM
Yes it is possible to mount an accu-trigger to a Stevens 200 action, You would have to cut the spring and turn the screws out a bit, the spring will sit cocked, Is it safe I say NO.

The Savage action gets extra maching steps for the accu-trigger, that the stevens does not, To do it right the stavens action would need this extra maching. Also the Safety and trigger mounting bracket are diferent between the two rifles.

To further add the new 6oz accu-trigger has a diferent sear than that of the acc-trigger rifles, the sear can be ID from a demple in the side of the tigger release lever. So to use the new target accu-trigger in a accu-trigger gun the sear would need changed out as well. The sear has a diferent angle on it, that is how they removed some of the weight of the trigger. Again I would not place this trigger or any accu-trigger in a stevens gun.

As the others have mentioned the SSS trigger is a far better trigger than the accu-triger, and is a drop in for your gun. Also the Rifle basix sav 2 trigger is good. The SSS trigger will go to 12 oz where the Rifle basix trigger will go to 4 oz. The SSS trigger is cheaper, and many say it feels better than the others.

I would not buy a Rifle basix sav 1 trigger or a timney trigger, yes they are a direct drop in, but they do not differ much from the old Savage factory production 3 screw trigger, that can be had for about 20 bucks. The sav1 and timney triggers are about the same price as the SSS trigger.

All I can say is once you have tried a SSS trigger you never want to touch another accu-trigger.

01-14-2008, 10:40 AM
Thanks for the replies.


01-14-2008, 11:40 AM
My experience with an accutriggered Savage has been extremely positive.

My rifle pull went to around 1.5lbs. Was wonderfully crisp with no overtravel. Like any factory trigger, a bit of tuning is required but the trigger broke in very nicely.

I put this group equal to ANY trigger group in this pull weight on any Sav/Rem/Ruger/Win/AI I have shot - factory and aftermarket. I have tried several Savages with similar results just varying pull weights based on owners preference.

Not tried the match accutrigger so can't say on that.

For the Stevens, the accutrigger will not go on. I use both the RB2 and SSS trigger groups on my Stevens. Both work well.

The SSS is a very easy install. Has worked great but I prefer the light match pulls of the RB. SSS would be my choice for a sub 1lb varmint/hunting trigger pull - not for competition as it is too heavy for my liking.

Because of variations in sear length on the factory action, there can be problems setting up the RB2. If the sear length is too short, the RB2 cannot be tuned light or else it will skip. Solution here is to build up the sear release part in the RB group.

If the sear is too long, the RB cannot drop the sear release. This one just needs a bit of filing and a much simplier problem to have.

Having put RB2's on 10 actions, I have run into good, bad and ugly for fit. Doesn't take much length variation to give you grief but can be resolved. There is no problems working the orig trigger so you can't tell if you have a fitment issue until you install the RB group.

I too would recommend against the timney and similar mod trigger part replacements. A bit of honing and the orig Stevens trigger is a very nice pull, just heavy. you can get a smaller diameter spring which will allow you to drop the pull to around 2lbs - SSS/Northland supply might have them????


01-14-2008, 12:04 PM
Many people make their own springs useing .040 music wire, but use caution, for you can get into a slam fire issues, with a factory trigger that is too light. For liability reasons I recemend you to have a gunsmith make such a spring.

01-14-2008, 12:20 PM
Strongly suggest against using music wire as this type of steel will bend/take a set and you will get slam fires.

The proper material is commonly known as spring steel. Not sure how this stuff is worked but at some point the 'springiness' of the material is retained.

Maybe music wire can be changed to be more springy??????

The wire used must be a spring type item so that it can bend without taking a set.