View Full Version : Harrison Dates Set and Approved

01-09-2008, 08:15 AM
At a meeting of the Harrison Sportsmans Club Higher Ups That Be, all of our posted Benchrest shooting dates were approved. This includes both centerfire and rimfire matches. Got a little static from the pistol people (expected that) but I dazzled them with paperwork and politics. Our club president stood up for Benchrest also...
See you in the Spring

Dick Wright
01-10-2008, 09:46 AM
Centerfire benchrest matches...


May 10
June 28
July 26
Aug. 2
Sept. 6


May 31
June 14
July 19
Aug. 23
Sept. 20

Rimfire Matches

June 7
Aug. 9

These will be our first rimfire matches. If we get a good turnout, more will follow. We have brand new benches on the 25 and 50 yd. lines, they are covered and every bit as good as our 100 yd. benchs we have used for BR since 1994.

Rimfire format will be 25 shots at 25 yds. and 25 shots at 50 yds. You get one target for each range for the astonishing price of $5.00 total. Should you be dissatisfied with your score, I will sell you another target for $2.00. Up to three targets per range... your best score counts. This is the "Joe Haller" format and works better than anything I have seen. We will use IBS 50 yd. rimfire targets for both ranges. We will have Factory and Benchrest classes for rifles. Prizes for the winners of the 25/50 grand for both classes.

Should a question arise (it probably will) the match committee will decide which class, Factory or Benchrest, your rifle will compete in.

Questions? Call Mike Conway at 989-539-7285 (You probably won't get him... he's going to wimp out and spend the rest of the winter in Florida) or Dick Wright at 989-386-3932. Wright can't afford to spend the winter in Florida so will be available.