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01-08-2008, 05:37 PM
Bob Collins or anyone that was at the Barn, what are the Rule changes that were voted on for this years RBA Shooters? When will they be added to the RBA web-site? Thanks!

Bob Collins
01-10-2008, 01:48 PM
There were several things that were voted on at the January meeting, but to me these are the most important. The exact wording may be different in the rulebook once reviewed.
Several RBA members will win Big Money. Shoot your normal Ten Match Agg in either or both the 3 Gun and Unlimited list and if you come in first you will win $750.00. These are separate outdoor events, and you can win in both categories. All 3 Gun Matches will start before 6:00 PM and the Unlimited will be at the Match Directors discretion. It will take 10 matches to qualify, plus, one match will need to be a State, Regional, or Nationals. MD’s can shoot as many matches as they put on their schedule, but the schedules will be checked for overlapping problems by the Executive committee.
The top five places will be paid, starting at:
First - $750.00
Second - $ 400.00
Third - $350.00
Fourth - $300.00
Fifth- $250.00
The sixth place finisher and others will pick a prize just as we have been doing in the past until the prizes give out.

The RBA will sanction an International target that has the same size bull as the rest of the world is shooting. This target will not be in the Big Money or or yearly aggs. We are hoping to shoot this target and have a monthly World Winner. We hope to hold a raffle to help the RBA shooters who are planning to go to Italy. It could be very interesting to see what the RBA will raffle this year or next – a Calfee Sporter, Fulghum front rest, this could get interesting.

We will not require Sporters to have a safety or magazine.

Pistols can compete in the 10.5# class using sand bags in the rear. The front rest can be sand bags or bipod – if bipod the gun will have to make weight with the bipod attached – just as it was shot.

Ten Gun Nationals winner will receive HOF points – one more point than the Six Gun winner.

These are the major points of what I remember – there were several other changes. It was a great meeting with input from all of the match directors, but the match was far more interesting, what worked on Saturday did not necessary work on Sunday. Ken Fulghum won the 6 Gun ring and William Poff (The Loan it Man) was second, and Danny Hepler won the Yards and Truman Webber won the Meters, Ken and William put on a great come back.
The latest shipment of Eley Match and Club came in and started shipping yesterday.

Bob Collins

01-10-2008, 07:48 PM
Did the RBA Membership go up? If so how much will the dues be this year? See ya on the line!:p

Bob Collins
01-11-2008, 08:56 AM
Its 20.00 per year.
The other thing we are working on will be letting Elizabeth take credit card or debit cards over the phone for Match Fees. This could free up some of her time, and it would help Match Directors. When the number is entered the first time, it is remembered, so when a Match Director sends in their report the next time, she can run the number again without having the Match Director do anything. This will save both of them time and give a clear paper trail. This will also work with getting targets, dues, or pins out to shooters in a quicker manor. This would also work with the raffle tickets.
Bob Collins