View Full Version : Premier Reticles boosted MK4's?

01-08-2008, 01:27 PM
I've seen a few people using these scopes for 1000yd matches,and heard of one for sale.I was wondering if anyone knows if once Premier has boosted a 16X to 24X,if the scopes MOA adjustment has been greatly diminished?I know the original 16X's had an incredible amount of MOA adjustment,something like 150 minutes,and was wondering what the boosted scope may have.I'm interested in putting it on a 50BMG.Thanks

chuck furniss
01-08-2008, 06:49 PM
I believe they are still in bussiness in Winchester Va. they had a web site.Have your s/n ready and give them a call.

01-08-2008, 08:51 PM
I don't believe that Premier Reticle boosts any scopes anymore................... I do believe that Ackerman does though.

Mark Van Beek

01-08-2008, 09:23 PM
Premier will NOT boost scopes anymore. They will however repair ones that they boosted originally. Avoid Leupold doing any work on a boosted scope. Even though they still honor the warranty, they may find a way to "repair" the scope back to its original configuration.

01-08-2008, 11:11 PM
Premier will boost Scopes, and do reticle work as long as it is a Schmidt and Bender. If you have a Leupold scope that they worked on before, they will provide service to that scope, but they do not do Leupolds anymore. Leupold will only rebuild a returned scope to original factory condition, and in some cases you may have voided that as an option.

But none of this was the question. The question if I read it right was... If a MK4 was bumped by Premier, would the amount of MOA for clicks be the same? I'm not sure, but I'll guess saying yes. The clicks or amount of clicks available are in the erector assembly, the room the erector will move in moa, none of that should change by bumping a scope.

When we lost Premier reticles as an aftermarket supplier to do work to Leupold scopes, we lost a huge deal. Leupold custom shop is rediculous, I could give a crap about gold engraving, or blue anodizing on my scope, what I want is clicks that work, reticles that work and power range for what I need. That was what Premier was about, not blue or pink BS on the scope. I love my Leupold scopes, but between Leupold and Premier, they should pull their heads out of where they are stuck.



01-09-2008, 01:37 AM
Thanks.I should have been more specific,I know they are not in that business anymore.I know of a used one for sale,and the owner couldn't answer this question.I'll email them and find out.

01-09-2008, 01:43 AM
Well, I just looked on their website,and they now refer all questions regarding Leupold scopes back to Leupold.Besides the MOA question,I also wanted to know if I were to buy this scope,and not being it's original owner,whether or not they would back it's warranty.After reading their explanation on warrantie,I'm not going to bother.I'd rather spend a couple hundred more for an NXS.

Louis Boyd
01-09-2008, 01:51 AM
I have a Mk4 M1 16x40 whcih was boosted to 32x by Premier. I don't believe Premier boost Leupold scopes presently. To answer your question the power boost does NOT affect the adjustment range of the target knobs. The M1 still has about 140 MOA of vertical adjustment. That's because the magnification boost is after the erector assembly just before the eyepiece. If the power boost were accomplished by extending the objective focal length before the erector it would reduce the windage and elevation adjustment range.

What kind of shooting needs 32x with 140 MOA adjustment? Mine is mounted on a 300 Rem Ultra set up for shooting at a mile and beyond with 210 gn Bergers. (I originally built it to shoot Lost River J40s) It will zero to about 2Km though the Bergers go subsonic around 1900 yards. I don't need 32x. Beyond a mile wind deflection uncertainty and velocity variation account for more error than aiming errror even with a 16x scope, yet less a 32x. It's seems nice to resolve the target as twice as large but I've concluded that doesn't gives any improvement in accuracy.

The main effect I notice from having 32x is it makes targets harder to locate because you only see 1/4 the area of actual field of view when you double the magnification. I shoot off a bipod or bags, not from a benchrest. The image is also noticably dimmer than with a 16x M1, which is to be expected. The apparent field of view and eye relief aren't changed significantly by the power boost.

In my opinion you'd be better off with under 24X for a 50 BMG unless you're shooting benchrest only at no more than 1000 yards. For that you don't need 140 moa of adjustment. Very high power scopes (32x and higher) are most useful at short range, 100 to 200 yards, where aiming error is a higher percentage of the total error sources than at longer distances. Nor does it do much good to have have magnifcation higher than the point where the resolution limited by atmospheric scintillation rather than the resolution of your eyes. Atmospheric bluring always increases with longer distance.

I use my rifle scope only for aiming and offsets. I prefer a variable magnification spotting scope with it's larger objective and reduced depth of field for observing crosswinds (mirage).

01-09-2008, 11:45 AM
Thanks for that input Louis.The more I look into scopes,the NF 5.5-22 seems to be the standard for 50BMG shooting.I have one with a 50MM obj,but I think I'll get one with the 56MM OBJ for this application.I doubt if the extra 40MOA the MK4 has will make that big a difference shooting to amile.After looking into the Premier Reticle situation,It was truely a huge loss for shooters when Dick Thomas passed.Premier is basically gone,unless you want to use the S&B scope,and one poster has already mentioned how badly Leupold has slipped.I have 8 of their scopes,and don't intend to ever buy another one.