View Full Version : Need loads for Rem 40-XB 1:14 twist rate - 27 1/4" barrel

01-07-2008, 11:28 AM
Hi Guys,

snipercentral suggested me to post my thread at BR forum as I need less than half MOA shoots at 300 meters (Italian sniper competition).

I own a TRG22 in 308 caliber which regularly shots less than 0.5 MOA at 300 meters. I would like to get same results with my brand new Remington 40-XB tactical in 308.
My experience in loads for 1:11 and 1:12 twist rate barrels (24 and 26" lenght) is very good but I have no idea for my new loads for the 24 1/4" - 1:14 t.r. of my Rem.
My available powders are VN 140, VN 150 and Winchester 748.
Would you please suggest me some already experimented match loads for the above rifle? Any other help and suggestion is welcome!
Thanks in advance for your support.

All the best from Italy,