View Full Version : Any word from Phoenix?

Mike Paul
01-06-2008, 09:36 PM
I heard the weather might have had a factor this weekend. How did the shooters fare and who was the winner?

As a side note, The Cactus Warmup next month is the same weekend as the the Superbowl down there. I think Gary Ocock told me they were getting 250.00 plus for a motel 6 or something like that. I also heard that Tom Libby or Louie Murdica would rent a room out of their motorhome if the price was right......;)

Tom D, can I take you up on your offer if I get down there in Feb? Email me at mike.paul@comcast.net or give me a call. You can show me how you make your 22 bullets. I'm considering a 22 on my next rifle.....

Mike Paul

Gary Ocock
01-06-2008, 10:21 PM
Mike just a quickie.

Weather was a factor, it was conducive to shooting nice aggs. Very little rain, the 6" variety, a drop every 6 inches. I will give a top 3-5 later this week. We had out of towners win the LV and SP Grands. Sue Blazzard (Utah)won the SW Reg. LV Grand with a .1953 and Ed ADams (New Mexico)won the SW Reg. Sporter Grand with a .2420. Tom Libby III (Mars) won the Unofficial 2 gun (LV and SP) with a .2357.

Next month because of the Super Bowl (not far from the range) rooms are going anywhere from $360 to $600 night, sometimes with a 3-5 day min stay.
However, I did discover that in Wickenburg 15 miles (NW) from the range or so, rooms are available at reasonable rates.

Gary O