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01-04-2008, 12:30 PM
On a previous post about 6mmBR you said:


Go with a .272 neck if you do not want to turn necks. The .270 will be a little tight, in my opinion. The .272 will allow you to use just about every bullet, even the BIB 95 grn FB that has a pretty big gas ring compareed to most of the big boat tails.
If you go with a .270, there will be very little to turn if you decide to go that route. I use a .269.
Any Gunsmith worth his lathe turnings knows that you should use a reamer ground to accept Lapua Brass. Don't even consider using any other brand. The Lapua is that good. Lothar's statement "standard large reamer" doesn't instill confidence.
The freebore?? If you go with a .060, that will limit you to just one 105+ GRN offerring, that being the Berger 105 VLD. A .O60 will put the straight part of the shank, just at the boat tail, about .090 above the neck shoulder junction. If you use the regular Berger Match, or the Sierra 107, you really need a .100 freebore, maybe a tad longer. If you decide to shoot some of the BIB 95's or bigger, you definetally will need the longer freebore.
Of course, the longer freebore will limit you on how light, (short) of a bullet you can use.
I have a friend that used my .060 throat .269 neck reamer in his 1-8 twist 6BR, (.236 4-groove Krieger Barrel), and it shoots the 105 Berger VLD and the Lapua 107 Scenar great......jackie
jackie schmidt

Now my question: My gunsmith has a 6BR reamer that has .080 freebore. Dave Kiff's recommendation is for .104 and he has that reamer on the shelf. If I intend to shoot Sierra 107's and Berger 108's at 600 yards how important is that .024 difference? Should I go ahead and spring for the new reamer?

01-04-2008, 10:20 PM
Anybody have a suggestion?

jackie schmidt
01-04-2008, 10:41 PM
Sorry, I meant to answer your post this afternoon, but had to do some actual work at my shop.
If you are going to be using the long range bullets exclusivly, I would go with the .104. Since the 6BR has a nice long neck, you do not have to worry about not enough bullet in the neck to establish a good tension. With the shorter freebore, there is the possibility that the straight of some 100+grn bullets might stick past the neck shoulder junction.
Most of the 100+ grn 6mm bullets are quite long. Even with the .104, you will have no trouble touching the lands and still have plenty of bullet in the neck......jackie

01-04-2008, 10:56 PM
Yeah, I understand. If I didn't have to feed my hobby I would just quit working. Thanks for the help.