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12-31-2007, 07:53 PM
Okay all. I am going to spend some money on a rimfire project. I know it may be a waste of money but it is something I want to try. Ideally I should have one built by one of the best south of the Canada/US border but I decided I want to try this out. It is not for any matches just for my own fun. I do not know of any rimfire BR matches in Canada outside of silhouette.

I allready have my Stith stock on order. I am planning on rebarreling a CZ 452 with a new match barrel. I here they are a little more work to attach a new barrel to. After talking with one of our premier barrel makers here in Canada he gave me some insight on the way it can be done to make it a lot easier. He suggested cutting a reverse cone instead of screwing around with all the fancy extractor cuts. It will be done up as a single shooter so I will fabricate some sort of loading ramp.

What I would like to know is what is the min and max diameter the barrel can be to fit a Fudd or Hoehn tuner?

What about barrel length? What is the norm for BR rimfires?

Thanks, Calvin

Since I posted this I did some searching. Am I correct now to say that the barrel length is best determined by slugging the barrel and cutting and crowning at the tightest point? If so I just order a barrel to meet the diameter I want at a standard length and have it slugged or can I actually order a barrel from one of the premier makers and have that allready done for me?

12-31-2007, 08:46 PM
Barrel makers may do that for you but may not do it as accurately as you could do it yourself. I'm not promoting any barrel brand but you may want to consider the new Lilja four groove as it may have more of the "built-in" features you're looking for. I would say the average BR barrel length is about 24" but that's not saying that 24" would be the optimum length.

As far as tuners go, I was just looking at a Fudd 1" a few days ago and I would say that is pushing the limits of its usefullness. However, you could probably have one designed just for you.

12-31-2007, 10:04 PM
One issue you may face with the CZ is that the action has metric threads. You need to make sure your gunsmith can cut metric threads on his lathe, and that he will do it for you. I can cut them on my lathe but it's such a pain to set up on mine that I won't do it anymore. I have fit barrels on CZ actions with a cone breech and that works just fine. If I remember correctly there is still a milling machine set up to make a cut to clear the magazine holder (but it's been a while since I did one)
I don't remember the inside dimensions a stock Hoehn or Fudd tuner comes with but it's probably around or under 0.750". I have bored tuners to fit barrels as large as 1.065" at the muzzle but that's about as large as it can be bored without getting into the attachment screws and threads. Any barrel diameter in between should be OK. Hope this helps.