View Full Version : Has anyone heard about this? Is it true?

12-30-2007, 05:52 PM
Not a great testimonial for a company as old as Sako -
but worse than that - is the way proper "Customer
Notification" has been handled by the new owner = Beretta.
Much conjecture is out here floating around as to the
problem - not the least of which is inferior material
and/or processing.

Beware ! - DON'T FIRE a Sako or Tika rifle
until you contact Beretta with your serial number !

(If it were me - I'd ask for a written statement from Beretta
that MY GUN was SAFE TO FIRE - EVEN if it did not
fall within the range of numbers specified - for there
is nothing to say that the serial number range will not
broaden as time goes on, and more people have the
opportunity to report problems . The attached photos
and personal injuries so far , should make this point
vivid )



Joe S
12-30-2007, 07:15 PM
Sako had a trouble with a bad batch of barrel steel 3-4 years ago. The problem has long been resolved as far as I know. Berretta has owned Sako for some time now and from what I gathered they were the ones doing the shoddy customer service work, not Sako, might be wrong there though.