View Full Version : Jewell Trigger spring?

12-30-2007, 05:39 PM
I have a SV Bat action in 20 BR with a Jewell trigger on it! I am breaking in- 1 shot clean, 1 shot clean etc. It is cleaning up better everytime!
Thing is it came with the A spring installed, 8oz. to 48oz. and I want to change it to the B spring 2oz. to 16oz. the rifle came with the other 2 springs (B & C)
I took the set screw ( trigger adj. screw) out of the trigger 2 times and the spring did not come out? I took a safety pin and stuck in in the hole and wiggled it around, still nothing happened? I put an earth magnet up to the hole and nothing happened?
The spring that is in it is OK? But I like a light weight trigger! I have the instructions but it does not tell me how to change the springs unless I missed something? Do I loseen the other screws? Sear adj. over travel? Or what?
I put a Jewell trigger on a 40X and changed the spring an don't remember having any trouble, but it's been awhile! Please don't flame me! I have have learned alot from this place! Thanks for any help or advice! Jack

12-30-2007, 06:03 PM
ooppss never say that on an airplane...haha
The spring is in a slight bind in the recess....I take a stainless steel heli-arc welding wire 1/16" dia.((remember ..I used to work construction..)) aprox 4" long ,,and sharpen it on the belt sander to a needle point ...sorta like sharpening a pencil....then I hit it on this sharp end with a small hammer,,,and it will bend the point into a lil J....sorta like a hook...then reach in the hole and pick it out....Roger