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12-26-2007, 03:05 PM
In respects to 1000 yard competition, what virtues are you looking for in optics? I am looking to buy a good scope, but don't know whether to get a variable or fixed and what magnification.

I can get a new Leupold 35X for $600, is that a good investment?

12-27-2007, 09:35 AM
I see a lot of variable scopes at the 1k competitions. I also see some fixed power 24x's and 36x's. There are definately merrits to both.

The reason I personnally use variable powers is that I also use my competition rifles to hunt with and being able to power down to locate an animal and then power up for the shot is very helpful!


12-27-2007, 10:17 AM
Variables give you the option of going "out of focus" to pick up mirage that may be between you and the target. Depending on the caliber of your rifle- the Leupold may not stand the torture of pounding that we give them in BR competition. That's been my experience.

marion packett
12-27-2007, 05:33 PM
The 8.5x25 Long range Leupold is a great scope. I've used for 5 years at 1000yds IBS matches.Always get repeatable results. John Hoover has best price.

12-27-2007, 05:48 PM
Well, at $600 I couldn't pass up the 35X. It was used but the ring marks are so faint I didn't even see them yesterday when I looked at the scope at the store. No box/paperwork, but came with both caps and sunshade.

I had a 36X BSA (laugh if you like, but on a .243, it held up well) and I was extremely happy with its performance. Very seldom was it more than 1 MOA for 5 shots which I would attribute to operator error, but mostly shot around 1/2 MOA(which I would attribute too luck:p). I think I will be OK with the 35X.

I do want to get a variable scope as well. I liked the IOR, but will probably eventualy settle on a Nightforce. Right now I shoot 100 yard bench with a 22-250. I don't think that will break the Leupold. One poster commented on the Leupold not holding up to the BR guns though. I have a 30-378 Weatherby that I really wanted to put this on for 600 and 1000 yard. Will it be too much gun for the scope? I thought Leupold was supposed to be a quality scope? Would putting it on the 30-378 be considered outside normal use and void the warranty? Inquiring minds want to know.


12-28-2007, 02:37 AM
Since you asked.......... :) .............no, putting a Leupold on a 30-378 would not "void the warranty". I don't know HOW you could void the warranty without drilling holes in the scope or modifying it in some other way.

Leupold's are unconditionally guaranteed forever. I know of one that was driven over by a truck and another that was dropped from great height, both were replaced, no questions asked. I once offered to pay for repairs on another scope which had been misused, they said "nope, this is part of out service". I have since bought probably 15 of their scopes. An acquaintance once acquired one which had lain in a Minnesota swamp through the winter and spring, he was gonna' send it in to be "fixed" but after cleaning it up and soaking it in hot soapy water for a couple hours it checked out just fine and he put it to use instead of wasting the postage.

The statements that you see here (mainly on the centerfire BR board) regarding Leupold's "not holding up to the rigors of competition" are in the main irrelevant to one who's not shooting a rifle capable of 1/10" accuracy at 100yds, a VERY select group indeed. The "problem" is that a scope system must have moving parts for it to be usable. Asking a mass-produced item to "move".........but yet to show ZERO movement in a line projected over 100yds is a pretty tall order. Remember that the rifles are truly capable of putting 5 or 10 or even 25 rounds into a hole 1/10inch across, the ideal scope will show absolutely ZERO movement or tolerance lest it enlarge this group.

Just picture a line 300ft long and you've got to set back and make adjustments of fractions of an inch while keeping the lash in the system at ZERO....................many of the scopes used are actually epoxied solid or "locked" so that they cannot move at all and then external adjustments are added in an attempt to achieve this ZERO movement.

A look at the match reports will show you that both NF and Leupold are used extensively while some of the new super-exotics like the March are making inroads. My advice is to use the Leupold and just forget about that part of the system for a while. :)


12-28-2007, 07:07 AM
On the note of the leupold 8.5-25 I currently shoot groups with my 700 Rem. in .308 on 100 and 200 yd. range. Hope to have a chance to shoot longer distances in the future and mabye some hunting.
I was looking at the leupold mark 4 in 6.5-20 and 8.5-25 I think I should go for the 8.5-25 as my eyes are not what they use to be. Would like some of you fellows comments on the two different power ranges. Have been using on another rifle the leupold 6.5-20 long range target scope whitch is excellent however thought the xtra power might give and advantage on shooting groups on paper.

12-28-2007, 10:49 AM
At 1000 yards, optical clarity and resolution is a signifigant factor in the overall game. If you do the "Pepsi challenge" between Leupold and Nightforce, you'll see a big difference. Since there are probably Leupold fans here, just look at the two scopes side by side at the 1000 yd. range. In my case, my Nightforce 12x42x56 scopes are worth every penny.

12-28-2007, 07:40 PM
Lissen closely to thekubiaks. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for side-by-side comparison. I've had my own range for 20yrs and had the chance to set down with lots of scopes. Gener'ly you get what you pay for once you get over the $600.00 mark. There are still some real junkers out there in the $300-500.00 range.

If you do the challenge between NF and Leupold be sure to compare scopes in a similar price range.


12-29-2007, 02:47 AM
Here's another .02 cents...

Why does everyone know how great the Leupold warranty is-

Because too many people have had to use it.

Four Nightforce 12-42x BR's, Two Burris 8-32x Black Diamonds, Four Pentax 8-32x LS 30's, One Bushnell 8-32x 4200, Two Burris 8-32x Signatures here. I could afford the Leupold if I thought it was better. I don't.

John Kielly
12-29-2007, 03:31 AM
The only time I've ever run my Leupold VX III 8.5-25 under full power was when I was setting it up on my rifle at a 25 yard zeroing range.

Whoever convinced manufacturers to put parallax adjustment opposite the windage knob, thus losing adjustment capacity & integrity (& in the case of Leupold, focus) deserves gelding with a pair of house bricks.

My favourite gun plumber who also retails once told me that he has warrantry returns for all brands of scopes in proportion to the number of each he sells.