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12-24-2007, 08:34 AM
I'm in the process of gathering components for my next build. It's a 7mmRM and I will be shooting the 168 Berger VLD's to 1k. Can someone tell me if the RWS brass is better than the Norma and if so where can it be found. I know Huntingtons has it but I was looking for an additional source. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

12-25-2007, 12:39 AM
If you want to shoot at the top node Norma brass is JUNK.If you want to shoot at the first or slowest node Norma brass is very uniform.In a belted magnum like your talking about go with the RWS brass so you don't have to build a special die for squeezing your cases back to size in the primer pockets.You will read stories about shooters claiming no primer pocket problems at all.
You will also read about guys firing several millions shots through a single piece of Norma brass without having a primer pocket loosen up.You will also read about Santa Claus at this time of the year.I would believe the Santa Claus stories first then the Norma brass stories a very very distant second.I am believing much less of what I read on these types of forums and the Norma brass stories are at the top of my list.Ask yourself this question when my post starts taking heat shortly.Why do all of the guys claiming no problems at all have a special tool built to fix the non-existent problem?

Natchez Shooters Supply carries RWS brass.

12-25-2007, 10:15 AM
Thanks Charles & Lynn. I've shot the WW Brass in years past with good results. Since I will building the rifle and will be ordering the reamer from PTG, I'll have complete control of the chamber/throat/neck. The rifle will not be a full blown 1k BR rig but an F-Class / LR hunting rig, 168's at 3,000 fps. I've always heard good things about the RWS brass, hence my question. I was just curious if there would be a measurable difference in accuracy for my application.

Hope Santa was good to ya last night ;)

12-25-2007, 11:12 AM
HOHOHO.....Merry Christmas Lynn and evryone....
Lynn...you are rite...this forum is getting saturated/diluted (diluded?!!) with shooters that havnt shot (competed) in any benchrest event/match (just silly Reindeer games) and are touting the merits of all sorts of "snipe"er tactics and acolades of WSSSSSSS etc.
I have just settled on cal.s that have Lapua brass available or that can be formed or wildcatted from Lapua .....shure wish they wuld make .300/.375 H&H and 6mm Rem brass...it would make a big splash and impact on the long range community...(IMHO)......
I must admit that a lot of the problems with primer pocket dims. are from chambers that are cut tooooo big with a reamer that isnt sized to work with the particular brass that we/they are using in any cal...not just belted mags...If the reamer is more than .002-.003 bigger at the .200 line than the new unfired brass ....problems will rear their ugly head....and the resize reamer shuld be aprox the dims of the new brass....then things wuld fit and work for quite a while.....
Santa hasnt made it bak from his rounds last nite yet!!! but me and the elves are just loungeing (sp) around the tree and burnin all the empty boxes in the fireplace......they will be down at the unemployment office in the mornning as soon as it opens.....Hope you and dad have a great New Yr.....good health ...good shootin....and God Bless.........Roger

12-25-2007, 11:44 AM
Good hearing from you.I've had 300 Ackley's built by several of the best gunsmiths around even Benchrest Hall Of Famers using 5 different reamers including the Joel Pendrgraft reamer I'm sending to Jim Borden after christmas and they all have one thing in common.The primer pockets don't last with Norma brass.

"When I consider the source"
I see aJR from Australia who has a special die made just to fix this non-existent problem.
I see Joel P has several fixes for the problem including the RCBS die I threw in the trash that he has modified.
I see posts by Dave Tooley and his thoughts on loose primer pockets and tight fitting reamers that are still in the archives for all to read.
I see R.W.Hart as mentioned above makes a tool just to fix this very problem ask yourself why?
I read the posts on this very forum each month asking about the same thing over and over again.
Then I see one source who has never seen this problem or is always touting Norma brass.
I think I hear Santa claus gotta go.

12-25-2007, 12:17 PM
I'm curious if you have ever tried necking down RWS 375 H&H brass to see if the primer pockets will last longer.

12-25-2007, 12:36 PM
I'm no guru on the 300 Ackley but I have shot out 11 1.450 barrels a couple at 1.750 and 1 at 2 inches in diameter all 30-34 inches long.I have used reamers from Speedy and Mike Bryant plus the 5 that I own personaly at a cost of $1000 and I sold 2 one of which went to Glen Sterling who did very well at the IBS nationals this year.
I have done a little bit of homework on this chambering but like I said I am no guru.I did throw 1200 pieces of Norma brass in the garbage can one day so I guess we all know how I like that brass.
I only shoot RWS brass now and it starts out as 375 H-H magnum brass.It weighs about 70 grains more than Norma brass so start low and work your way up.
I think most of the advice you get on this forum is from IBS and if you shoot IBS that is great.In the IBS format you shoot 4-5 sighters then 5 on your record target and go home if you didn't win.
I shoot NBRSA and I load for my father as well.We shoot 15 sighters plus 15 on the record targets then 20 sighters and 30 on the record target.That is 80-90 rounds per shooter times 2 shooters so I need 200 rounds per match.At a Nationals we need more!!!!
I don't have the time or patience to keep fixing brass shavings stickng my ejectors on 4 different guns when I'm competing so RWS gets the nod.
It lasts around twice as long.

12-25-2007, 04:19 PM
You are much more of a long range guru than me, but that won't stop me from expressing my opinion.:D
Thank you, I guess I thought both IBS and NBRSA had the same shooting sequence. I tried rereading the IBS rulebook and didn't find a references to the number of targets fired.
I have read several of your posts involving enlarged primer pockets and didn't see that you were using RWS brass, thanks for straightening me out.
Thanks again Lynn

When I decided to build a 1000yd gun this year I went with the 7mm SAUM since to me it is about like an adult 6mmBR. I am just doing load development now and so far I am very impressed with the Nosler 300 SAUM brass that I am using. I have 3 7mm Rem Mag rifles all with 26 barrels and the SAUM flat outperforms the Rem mag., using Rem or Win brass. Granted the SAUM has another 1.5 of barrel. I started with Norma brass for the SAUM because it was much cheaper and have now switched to Nosler, the Nosler SAUM brass is far superior to the Norma SAUM brass and in my opinion is worth the price. I know you said you planned on a 7mm Rem Mag but since you haven't ordered the reamer I thought I would through that out there since they use the same bolt face.
The 7mm RSAUM will easily push the 180 Berger 3000fps in my gun with Norma brass.

12-26-2007, 09:45 PM
In most of my previous posts I was shooting Norma brass and having trouble with it.I now shoot RWS out of frustration over the Norma brass.Like The Expiper said I sure wish Lapua would make 300 Weatherby brass.

I don't want to discourage you away from Norma as many shooters claim it is very good.Bill Shehane likes it and his record speaks volumes.

I bought 2000 cases and may have lucked onto the worst brass they ever made.I did try several different boxes of 20 and some once fired range brass and my results were the same so I sold what I had left and threw out the rest.

There are shooters out there that feel you need to suffer a little or earn your way.I am not one of them.If you ask a question you get my answer as I see it.