View Full Version : Pink Splash Rail

Jay Young
05-08-2021, 08:46 PM
Here is a new color that I had not done before,This is for a Lady in Texas and the anodizing turned out great, Though I would share it. Thanks....J

Karl Hunstiger
05-09-2021, 11:02 AM
great looking

05-10-2021, 05:51 AM
Great looking Rail congratulations!

05-10-2021, 06:09 PM
wow!! nice

Dennis L Martin
05-15-2021, 09:42 PM
Looks like Cheri Horners. Her husband Everett sent me some pics the other day. That thing is SWEET!

09-17-2021, 02:43 AM

Glad to see that you are still enthusiastic about this craft. I love shooting mine and it is a true work of art. I was telling my wife the other day how these skills may disappear soon with these content absorbed kids. I have no machine skills but am a professional welder and we have a sizable mechanical contracting company with many resources. I love inventing tools and metallic art and sell mail box posts around town as a hobby. My dad is a good pipefitter and metal art guy too so it is our thing. I do all final fitting of inventions and tools by hand and I am amazed when I look a work done by people of similar bent with the proper machinery.

The conversation with my wife about the future of precision tool and product making and innovation came up when I spoke with Tom Haverkamp about taking delivery of 2 more of his dual ports. He is 80 years old and still at it. Who in the hell is going to pick up the torch when these guys retire? Of the 8 custom actions I have 3 Haverkamp, 1 Nesika, 1 Stiller Viper, 1 Hall, 1 BAT, 1 Defiance; how many of these companies are still working? Tom obviously because he just sent me 2 this week and Defiance and BAT but is Hall or Farley still going? We know Stiller AL actions, Nesika, Dodd and Marsh are done.

Maybe I worry too much. My Defiance is currently under construction with Weaver Rifles (great guy by the way) but the nice girl I spoke with at Defiance said they are 37 weeks behind. Whoa! I called Borden before I bought both Haverkamps just to see but the lady who answered said that Jim B was out working on the lathe and could not come to the phone. Not relevant to my purchase but was glad to her he still gets into it every day.

Keep it up Jay, the world is so greatful for the few who still man the trenches!

Tim Jurczak