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01-13-2019, 09:58 PM
Its been raining here in Oxnard but it broke for us today with expected rain for the balance of the week. Started out sunny & bright and ended a bit cloudy very nice though. Lite winds but switchy. Matt & Kim both shot 250 cards as they did last month!

Welcomed 2 new shooters; Scott visiting from back east and local Brian. We almost had a full house today.

Match 1 - as usual Vipha won LV Light Varmint by 32 points! Kim took HV with solid 249s across the board. Dave showed up with his new BM and scored his highest to date for 2nd place.

Match 2 - Kim & Matt for HV 1st & 2nd. Chris took Open.

Match 1 Results
Light Varmint
1) Vipha Miller 247-6x, 247-10x, 246-9x = 740-25x Thomas
2) Doug Miller 235-3x, 236-5x, 237-5x = 708-13x Thomas
3) Scott West 233-3x, 242-6x, 231-1x = 706-10x Thomas
4) Lou Fontana 236-4x, 228-2x, 231-4x = 695-10x AA S500

Heavy Varmint
1) Kim Zussman 249-11x, 249-8x, 249-15x = 747-34x BM-500
2) Dave Spagnolo 247-11x, 248-9x, 246-11x = 741-31x BM-500
3) Matt Kellerman 247-15x, 246-6x, 247-8x = 740-29x Thomas
4) Dennis Kunkle 245-8x, 248-8x, 242-6x = 735-22x BM-500
5) Bob Graybill 242-9x, 242-7x, 238-4x = 722-20x BM-500
6) Terry Eannetta 123-2x, 229-2x, 232-4x = 584-8x Marauder

1) Chris Wilson 246-10x, 242-7x, 244-5x = 732-22x USFT

1) Brian Thompson 0-0x, 212-1, 214-0x = 426-1x FWB 300

Match 2 Results
Light Varmint
1) Lou Fontana 237-0x, 224-1 x, 243-10 = 704-11x AA S500

Heavy Varmint
1) Kim Zussman 248-11x, 249-13x, 250-12x, 747-36x BM-500
2) Matt Kellerman 248-9x, 246-10x, 250-8 x, 744-27x Thomas
3) Doug Miller 249-7x, 245-9x, 247-12x, 741-28x Thomas
4) Vipha Miller 247-9x, 248-6x, 243-6x, 738-21x Thomas
5) Dave Spagnolo 244-11x, 246-6x, 246-8x, 736-25x BM-500
6) Dennis Kunkle 242-2x, 240-6x, 246-4x, 728-12x BM-500
7) Scott West 242-5x, 232-4x, 247-8x, 721-17x Thomas
8) Bob Graybill 240-5x, 235-4x, 239-3x, 714-12x BM-500
9) Terry Eannetta 225-3x, 221-3x, 230-3x, 676-9x Marauder

1) Chris Wilson 245-10x, 245-6x, 243-5x, 733-21x USFT
2) Brian Thompson 214-2x, 209-1x, 215-3x, 638-6x DS Wolverine

1) Eugene Tseng 158-0x, 201-1x, 168-1x = 527-2x FWB 300

We always thank; Vipha for good eats, Kim the bagels & Dennis the donuts!

Thank you again Tim McMurray from MAC-1 for taking the long drive, providing high quality air and scoring the targets.

Again, thank you Joe F. for providing the excellent range, scoring, and being a friend to all even though you were under the weather!

Next match Feb 10