View Full Version : Open Grove USARB Outdoor Results 12-9-2018

12-12-2018, 02:34 AM
It was one of those really nice ~warm winter days here in Oxnard. Lite winds and mostly consistent but those little wind devils that make it a challenge. Matt & Kim both shot 250 cards today!

1st Match; As usual Vipha beat most of the boys with her Light Varmint scores shes tuff to beat. Kim took HV with his 250 card. Lou and Eugene took care of Open & Springer respectively.

2nd Match: Kim took HV by 5 points and Doug & Vipha tied for 2nd but his 4 extra Xs put him ahead of her this day. Matt shot his 250 on his 2nd card. Lou & Eugene had an easy go of Open & Springer.

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Thank you Vipha for providing the nutritious goodies; Kim the bagels & Dennis the donuts!

Thank you again Tim McMurray from MAC-1 for taking the long drive, providing high quality air and scoring the targets.

As always thank you Joe F. for providing the excellent range, expert scoring, and friendship!