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12-02-2018, 08:32 PM
It's a good thing we postponed the match by a day to let the rain and wind go away, because the sky was crystal clear, the wind died down to manageable, and the temperature was in the lower 70's. Some may argue the wind point though since our range could easily be nicknamed "The Vortex" because of the way the wind whips down over the trees, hits the field, and swirls around like a mini tornado making all our wind flags look schizophrenic. This is exactly why many FT shooters around the country think our range is the most challenging to shoot on.

There were many comments about how unbelievable the effect of the wind can be in only 25 meters. Carey has 4 directional wind flags on order, the guy emailed him during the match to say they were ready, and Carey asked him if he could deliver them RIGHT NOW! Except for the 3 pro flags Bobby was using, the other 9 around the course were just surveying ribbon, making it difficult to tell whether the wind was coming at you or blowing away from you. No doubt the course will be covered in real wind flags before long.

By all accounts the first benchrest match ever at our range was a great success, even though several shooters were absent shooting at the LA Lever Rifle State Championship. We hope you guys were successful and will be back with us next month. Everyone had a lot of fun, expressed how much they enjoyed it, and looked forward to doing it again. You can't really ask for more than that.

A big thank you to everyone who had to change their busy schedules to make it a day later than originally scheduled, and to those who helped put out and pick up equipment for both the pistol and benchrest matches. You guys are the best when it comes to teamwork, and a lot of the cohesiveness our club is enjoying right now is because of you.

Please mark your calendars now, you are all invited to join us at the next match, the first one for 2019, Saturday, January 5th.

Richard Harris
BAC Air Pistol and Benchrest Match Director
Baton Rouge, LA

12-02-2018, 10:20 PM

Don't be so concerned about conditions..."Conditions are very good for humbleness and for improving the breed" :D

If you are ever close to Mesa AZ where the Nationals and the EBR are held, don't miss the opportunity to shooting there when it starts to warm up after sunrise...You will be amazed of what happens at that desert range...At the Nationals 2 of my flags were continuously turning full 360 degree circles and the winds were never less that 8-10 MPH with lots of 15+ mph peaks, those swirling conditions were pretty challenging but we were all in the same boat...The positive thing is that after shooting those conditions we all learned something.

Where I live, some of us need to commute 3 hours each way for shooting and because of that we all agreed to shoot "No Matter What" unless it is raining and we frequently encounter extremes: We have shot snowy/icy 16-18 F conditions in March, and during the summer, warm early morning erratic thermals are the norm...The only condition we try to avoid is rain because we don't have a roof.

Congratulations, it seems like you guys have a nice and enthusiastic crowd...

Best regards,very


12-03-2018, 03:48 PM

Thank you!

I love shooting BR, but I'd have to pass in 16-18 degree weather, rather be home in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate and the wife! Our summers though literally do get to be in the 100's in the shade, along with energy-sapping humidity. Weather conditions don't bother me too much, it is what it is for everyone, you just deal with it.

You are right about our Bayou Airgun Club members. They are an energetic, enthusiastic bunch of great people, and right now they are all enamored with BR. I'm trying to get them up to speed in the BR game since this has traditionally been a hotbed for FT since the beginning, and they didn't know what they were missing. Hopefully you will see some of our guys before too long in Arizona as several have expressed a desire to go to the AOA EBR match.

Once we get settled in we are considering hosting a large regional match since we are strategically located between Texas and Florida, and maybe some of your guys will make it too. We'll have to put some cash on the line as bait!:)

Best Regards,