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10-16-2018, 06:07 PM
Wow! A full house today, 14 shooters crowded Joe’s range today. A pretty day that started out really calm then quickly got really switchy with tails running left, right and all around. It made for long quiet periods waiting for consistency – even if it was a little while, then all were shooting nearly at once!

But 1st, Congratulations to Doug & Vipha Miller! – National Champs from our club! Humble as can be, they accepted our praise graciously.

We also welcomed newcomer Teresa Tseng for her first time competing in air BR. Albert Highe, 1st time airgun shooter here, made a stop-by on his way home from the AZ shoot too.

Match 1 Summary
Light Varmint: Still smoking from their high placement at USARB Nationals Vipha & Doug took 1 & 2 in Light Varmint.
Heavy Varmint: Kim is tuff to beat and Bob did great. Albert, whom normally takes the long drive from the north shoots ARA 22LR here at Open Grove did really well – as usual, using one of his unique self-made stocks.
Open & Springer: Matt & newcomer Teresa took 1st each

Match 2 Summary
Heavy Varmint: Can’t beat them Miller’s. Doug beat Vipha by 4 points and Kim uncharacteristically was down a bit.
Open & Springer: Dennis Kunkle & TJ finished those classes

Match 1 Results
1) Vipha Miller 243-7x, 247-7x, 246-9x = 736-23x
2) Doug Miller 248-4x, 241-5x, 244-8x = 733-17x
3) Justin Tseng 232-3x, 226-3x, 236-3x = 694-9x

1) Kim Zussman 248-11x, 244-8x, 250-15x = 742-34x
2) Bob Graybill 246-7x, 247-12x, 247-6x = 740-25x
3) Albert Highe 246-10x, 247-11x, 245-5x = 738-26x
4) Mary Kellerman 248-11x, 243-9x, 242-7x = 733-27x
5) Dave Spagnolo 243-7x, 246-8x, 242-5x = 731-20x
6) Dennis Kunkle 241-3x, 240-4x, 243-7x = 724-14x
7) Chris Wilson 237-3x, 225-1x, 241-4x = 703-8x

1) Matt Kellerman 239-0x, 239-5x, 246-11x = 724-16x
2) Lou Fontana 239-1x, 240-8x, 237-9x = 716-18x

1) Teresa Tseng 231-1x, 235-6x, 227-3x = 693-10x
2) T.J. Kendall 152-0x, 151-0x , 191-0x = 494-0x

Match 2 Results
1) Doug Miller 248-9x, 250-14x, 244-5x = 742-28x
2) Vipha Miller 247-7x, 244-11x, 247-8x = 738-26x
3) Kim Zussman 245-7x, 244-9x, 245-7x = 734-23x
4) Albert Highe 243-7x, 243-4x, 245-9x = 731-20x
5) Matt Kellerman 240-2x, 236-4x, 248-9x = 724-15x
6) Mary Kellerman 236-6x, 234-7x, 247-10x = 717-23x

1) Dennis Kunkle 242-5x, 244-7x, 248-9x = 734-21x
2) Chris Wilson 239-3x, 238-3x, 242-4x = 719-10x
3) Lou Fontana 229-3x, 230-3x, 234-1x = 693-7x

1) T.J. Kendall 189-1x, 194-1x, 185-0x = 568-2x

Thanks to all for coming and from some the food goodies! Great team work scoring. We missed Tim M. - he was still at the Extremes.

Again, thank you Joe F. for your generosity and care you show us all!

Lou F.

Photo: Eugene Tseng

Joe Friedrich
10-18-2018, 02:52 PM
Thank you all that showed up to make it a full house and Thank you Lou for a great report on the match.

Sorry I could not spend more time with all of you, but soon God Willing.